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MindWave is transforming the digital asset management space by addressing 2 prevalent challenges faced by the crypto market participants: security of assets, and liquidity.

With it’s substantial Bitcoin portfolio, MindWave strategically invests to optimize returns for its investors and minimize risk. By diversifying investments into yield-generating strategies and carefully selected DeFi projects, participants benefit from secure returns and rewards. MindWave’s innovative approach ensures a conducive environment for growth and stability in the digital asset landscape.

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Introducing MindWave

A Trusted Path to Digital Asset Growth

Mindwave, a trading fund and Mauritius corporation holding 24,800 BTC, operates with clarity and purpose. Our mission is threefold:

  • To expand our Bitcoin portfolio through strategic investments, utilizing both yield-generating trading strategies and collateralized investments in carefully vetted DeFi projects;
  • To reward our investors for participation in the MindWave ecosystem;
  • To maintain a balanced investment strategy, allocating 70% of our assets to BTC yield-generation and 30% to selected market-making and liquidity pools. At MindWave, we’re committed to maximizing returns while prioritizing security and transparency for our valued investors.

Yield-Generating Trading Strategies

Our overall trading strategy includes identifying opportunities on the volatility surface; exploiting arbitrage opportunities in key derivatives markets, such as cash vs perpetual, futures and cross-exchange; and incorporating AI and quantitative methodologies and tools to identify opportunities.

The three core trading strategies employed are Covered Call, Negative Gamma, and Volatility Trading.

Strategy 1: Covered Calls

The Covered Call strategy (weighting 70%) uses an AI program that analyses and maximises the risk premium by selling calls at the peaks on the volatility surface. Risk is capped at a leverage of 1:1.

The Covered Calls Strategy Methodology
  • The algorithm identifies market opportunities in real time and assesses the probability of trade success.
  • Filters include Delta, Theta, Gamma, Vega, Duration, Realised Volatility, Implied Volatility, Moving Leverages and RSI.
  • Machine learning algorithm calculates a trade confidence of success based on historical parameters, against current market parameters.
  • Trade taken based on outlier parameters is likely to result in profitable trades. The threshold of 70% likely success rate is minimal.
  • The algorithm identifies risk-free opportunities in real time due to market inefficiencies across exchanges. Offsetting trades are executed simultaneously to lock in profits.
Strategy Methodology

Strategy 2: Negative Gamma

The Negative Gamma Strategy (weighting 15%) trades the BTC/ETH volatility surface with a directional bias depending on fundamental blockchain analysis and technical indicators. It uses up to 1:3 leverage.

The Negative Gamma Strategy Methodology
  • Fundamental blockchain analysis is used to identify medium-term trends. Factors examined include exchange in/outflows, weak and strong hands, bitcoin liquidity ratio, the difficulty of mining, and miner flows.
  • Technical analysis is used in combination to reinforce blockchain analysis. Factors include RSI, Moving Averages, and Fibonacci levels.
  • The trend is influential in determining the machine learning probability success rate threshold. The threshold is lower for calls in Bull Markets and puts in Bear Markets.

Strategy 3: Volatility Trading

Volatility Trading (weighting 15%) buys and sells BTC/ETH calls and puts, arbitrages the volatility surface, and arbitrages across products. Risk is actively managed and delta hedging is employed.

The Volatility Trading Methodology
  • Exchange arbitrage (volume surface & futures, CME vs Deribit, etc). Directional trading (cash and volatility).
  • Relative value trading (duration and smile).
  • Efficient portfolio construction (trading Greeks).
  • Special situations (event led).
  • Forward-looking lead indicators used to preempt directional moves:
    • Put/Call Ratio
    • Gamma/Risk Premium Ratio
    • Volatility Smile
    • Risk Reversal Prices
    • Gamma/Theta Ratio
    • ATM/Skew Ratio

Market Making and

Liquidity Pools Strategy

To maximize the potential of digital assets, MindWave employs a meticulous approach to market making and liquidity provision in Decentralized Fnance (DeFi) projects, focusing on the thorough vetting process and the subsequent provision of liquidity or market making for these projects.

Project Vetting

Before engaging in market making or liquidity provision, MindWave conducts a rigorous evaluation of potential DeFi projects. This assessment encompasses various factors, including but not limited to:

  • Project fundamentals and goals
  • Team expertise and track record
  • Technology and innovation
  • Market demand and competition
  • Regulatory compliance

Risk Analysis

Following project vetting, a comprehensive risk analysis is conducted to identify and mitigate potential risks associated with market-making or providing liquidity. This analysis includes assessing factors such as:

  • Market volatility and liquidity conditions
  • Smart contract security and audit results
  • Counter party risk
  • Governance and protocol changes
  • Market manipulation risks

Liquidity Provision

Upon satisfactory completion of the vetting and risk analysis processes, MindWave proceeds to provide liquidity for the selected DeFi projects. This involves committing a portion of our assets to ensure sufficient liquidity within the project's ecosystem. Liquidity provision enhances market efficiency and facilitates smoother trading activities for users.

Market Making

In addition to liquidity provision, MindWave may engage in market-making activities for the selected DeFi projects. Market making entails actively quoting buy and sell prices for a particular asset, thereby enhancing liquidity and reducing bid-ask spreads. By providing continuous liquidity, we contribute to price stability and market depth, fostering a healthy trading environment.


The NILA token is a utility token that will provide token holders exclusive access to premium features and priority participation in strategic initiatives. Further, It will empower token holders with governance rights, enabling them to actively participate in decision-making processes related to the management and evolution of the platform. Lastly, the NILA tokens will be used as utility-driven incentives to reward token holders for their engagement and contribution within the MindWave ecosystem.


Token Ticker: NILA

Token Type: BEP-20

Total Token Supply: 1,057,021,569

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Our Team section introduces you to the visionary leaders and dedicated professionals behind Mindwave. With diverse expertise spanning finance, technology, and sustainability, our team is united by a common goal: to drive transformative change and create lasting value. 

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Meet the Team

Behind Every Vision, A Team of Dreamers and Doers

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Nabeel Hamza


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Jigish Krishnan




Private Sale

April 2024


Public Sale

June 2024


Exchange Listings

July 2024


Completion of compliance and regulatory requirements

August 2024


Appointment of investment Committee & Fund Managers

October 2024


Launch of MindWave Fund and on chain platform

November 2024


Rewards distribution begins

December 2024


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Nabeel Hamza


Nabeel Hamza is an experienced leader in the cryptocurrency and DeFi space, bringing over 15 years of comprehensive expertise. With a proven track record in project management, strategic planning, and execution within dynamic markets, he stands as an experienced leader in navigating the complexities of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and decentralized finance (DeFi). His adept communication skills enable him to effectively convey intricate concepts to diverse stakeholders, while his proactive approach to identifying and seizing new business opportunities has been instrumental in propelling growth and scalability.

Nabeel’s keen insights into market trends, regulatory landscapes, and emerging crypto opportunities have been pivotal in driving strategic partnerships and collaborations with industry leaders, fostering ecosystem development. From conceptualization to launch and iteration, he boasts hands-on experience in product development, consistently delivering value to investors, stakeholders, and community members. Recognized for his commitment to transparency, security, and decentralization principles, Nabeel is a published author and sought-after speaker at industry conferences, contributing significantly to the global crypto community.

With a vision set on revolutionizing the future of finance through decentralized technologies, Nabeel has led successful fundraising efforts, including ICOs, STOs, and private placements, while championing social impact initiatives for blockchain adoption and financial inclusion. His agile and adaptable leadership style thrives in fast-paced and uncertain environments, embodying a steadfast commitment to driving positive change in the world of finance.

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Jigish Krishnan


As the Chief Technology Officer, Jigish Krishnan steers the technology strategy and development efforts, leading a team of developers, engineers, and researchers with precision and expertise. With a focus on scalable blockchain solutions, he spearheads the design and implementation of cutting-edge protocols in decentralized finance (DeFi), ensuring adherence to industry standards and best practices. Jigish’s collaborative approach across cross-functional teams ensures the delivery of high-quality products and services that align with both business objectives and user needs.

With a proven track record in managing project lifecycles from conception to delivery, Jigish ensures seamless alignment with business goals and technical requirements. By implementing agile methodologies and continuous integration practices, he optimizes development processes, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. Furthermore, Jigish has established technical standards and best practices, cultivating a culture of innovation and excellence within the organization.

Driven by a passion for innovation and technological advancement, Jigish Krishnan stands as a key architect in revolutionizing the landscape of decentralized finance, leveraging his expertise to push the boundaries of what is possible in blockchain technology.


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The network or services of MindWave and/or its Affiliates, which would include other potential Networks that is being further developed and, if successfully structured, developed, licensed and launched, the Token functionality, could be disrupted by numerous events, including natural disasters, equipment breakdown, network connectivity downtime, power losses, or even intentional disruptions of its services, such as disruptions caused by software viruses or attacks by unauthorised users, some of which are beyond the control of MindWave and/or its Affiliates. There can be no assurance that cyber-attacks, such as distributed denials of service, will not be attempted in the future or that the security measures of MindWave and/or its Affiliates will be effective. MindWave and/or its Affiliates may be prone to attacks on its infrastructure intended to steal information about its technology, financial data or user information or take other actions that would be damaging to MindWave and/or holders of the Tokens. Any significant breach of the security measures of MindWave and/ or its Affiliates or other disruptions resulting in a compromise of the usability, stability, and security of the Modex Network that is being further developed may adversely affect the utility, liquidity and/or trading price of the Tokens.